What We're All About

Welcome to Ragnarock Studios. Founded in 2013, we're a small studio based on the Canadian West Coast, though our reach is much farther. Ragnarock Studios is a company founded by passionate storytellers, musicians, and artists with the desire to create escapism with purpose; stories driven by a moral imperative to craft the important issues of our time into engaging and exciting media products with mass appeal.

We have built our alliances and strategic partnerships, both local and national, expanding our offerings to include the full spectrum of digital media services. Whether you need high-quality video, audio, hyperlapse, photography, website design, graphic design, presentation creation, crowd-sourcing consultation, b-roll/stock footage, YouTube, promotional video's, green-screen consultation or services, music composition and scoring, aerial footage... the list goes on, and it's all here for you to breathe life into your vision.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Ragnarock Studios

"Where there is unity, there is always victory."

What We've Done

The Acrotheos

When the evil kingpin Archaleus takes Kallisto's soul hostage, her lover Praxiteles and a small entourage must leave the Ancient Greek city state of Korinthos on a quest for an artifact known as the Acrotheos. This powerful relic, forged in the age of the Titans, has the power to change the balance of this realm and the next. For that reason, the gods chose to separate and entrust the elements of the Acrotheos to three immortal Guardians. Our Heroes will be tested at every turn, by allies and enemies alike, forcing them to weigh the soul of one person against the fate of the world.

'The Acrotheos' is a tale of love, adventure, tragedy and triumph set in a fictionalized, fantasy infused 350BC Ancient Greece. Drawing on various cultural mythologies from around the globe, it is 'Aladdin meets epic fantasy-styled visuals, with a touch of Indiana Jones/Firefly adventure and humour'.

'The Acrotheos' is the first in a series of 10-episode television event projects, collectively known as 'The Forever Legends'. Learn More.

The Acres

The Acres (Feature)

In 1912, deep in woods of the interior of British Columbia, the Howard Anderson Millwright Asylum for the Criminally Insane opened its doors to some of Canada's most dangerous and difficult inmates in the prison system. For roughly 60 years rumors of abuse echoed through the halls of government and the streets of suburbia. It was in 1972 that the death of several inmates and the systemic coverups came to light, leading to the facility's immediate closure. While being transported via train to new facilities, a landslide pushed several cars off the tracks, and down the embankment and into the frigid waters of the river below. Wendell Cameron Jessup, one of the most violent offenders, found himself loosed from his chains.

The government responded to the accident with a press conference and a search and rescue party that scoured the area for any survivors. By the end of the month, those still missing were presumed to have been washed down the river and out to sea, deceased. The whole event was swept under the rug, while elsewhere, Jessup and some of the other survivors who had escaped capture, began to carve out a new life in a remote abandoned mining town.

When several residents in the nearest community, over 75 miles away, become fatally ill, a team of environmental scientists and security personnel are dispatched to trace the source. When their communications are severed, things quickly deteriorate.

What they find is both horror and insanity in equal portions.

Knife vs Gun

In the tradition of Rambo: First Blood, The Hunted, and Predator, Knife vs Gun explores the relationship between skilled Hunters and their Prey. Set roughly ten years from now in the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest, we follow a corporate tactical team as they are tasked with the capture or elimination of a man known only as 'The Contractor'. This tactical team will utilize all of the advanced equipment at their disposal to run down their Prey, leaving him with nothing but his wits and survival skills to fend off their assault. As the hunt progresses, the truth claws its way to the surface, and unveils the incestuous relationship between the military industrial complex and the government which it controls.

This story serves as an exploration of the justification of violence and the realization that the power to be both hero and villain is encapsulated within all of us.

Elemental Movement

'Elemental Movement' is a fun, inclusive and comprehensive physical training web series designed to improve your movement and cultivate your passion while helping you build the tools in your life to sustain it.

Check out the interactive presentation.

Sacred Knowledge

'Sacred Knowledge' is a web series that seeks to document and share vitally important skill sets and ancestral knowledge by engaging local experts and elders within our communities.

Check out the interactive presentation.

The Social Contract

Ragnarock Studios is committed to producing a bi-monthly, non partisan, not for profit project which identifies black and white issues surrounding what it means to be Canadian. These projects may be private or publicly released pieces. Their sole intent is to help. We believe in the power of positive change and shall strive to inform, involve, and inspire our fellow Canadians with stories we feel need to be told.

"The Social Contract" - Concept and Video produced by Ragnarock Studios
"Remember"- Written and performed by "The Lost Coast Band"
Engineered, mixed and produced by Pete MacDonald
Mastered by Chris Iannetti

The Lost Coast Band

The Lost Coast Band is a band of musical misfits who have united to produce music for the various media projects Ragnarock Studios produces. We are also finishing the tail end of a full album of in-house music which will be available Fall 2016 and the band will be playing some live shows in the summer of 2016.

We cover a wide range of styles and genres to create the many varied projects we encounter. We make the music clients need to tell their stories. What we don't make here in house, we can have made through our network of professional musicians and producers. Our strength is in our unity.

The Lost Coast Band is:
Akira Yasuda (Guitar)
Alex Panagopoulos (Guitar/Vocals)
Cesar Pinilla (Bass)
Jacob Sahlstrom (Drums)
Jake Winter (Keys/Vocals)
Ryan LeBlanc (Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica)

Who We Are

Alexander K. Panagopoulos - Argos (Original Founder)

Alexander is one of the original founders of Ragnarock Studios and has an active hand in almost all aspects of building the business. He has spent 7 years in business development in the film industry and high performance computing industry. Hailing from Nova Scotia, where he studied psychology, classical history, and anthropology, Alex found his way to Metchosin B.C. on the west coast of Vancouver Island to spearhead Ragnarock Studios.

He is legendary for allegedly making the worlds best Caesars.

Chris Krausert - The Kraken (Original Founder)

Chris was the musical nucleus of Ragnarock Studios. He is truly passionate about the creative process, building projects in a wide variety of forms, with multiple teams. He has had a hand in business development and expansion; Bringing the Ragnarock Studios brand to new clients and locations, as well as new business avenues. He is currently expanding the company with a new BC interior studio.

He has been composing and performing music with a plethora of talented artists for over 17 years. His decade of experience in marketing and sales has been very effective in increasing profits and driving down budgetary costs. He is known for his operations management and for creating a cohesive, positive, and productive work environment. Leading teams to increased productivity and meeting deadlines for over 15 years.

He is Legendary for his one handed drumming skills and assembling the "Neil Peart" style monster kit.

AJ King - Mr. Wizard (Original Founder)

Driven and passionate, AJ King has explored almost every aspect of the motion picture industry. With more than 40 professional credits including work on 'Alias', 'Lost', 'Fringe' and multiple low budget movies, and short films, spanning everything from sound assistant work and visual effects to writing and producing, he approaches new projects with a broad perspective.

He has delivered content for ABC/Touchstone, Fox, NBC/Universal/SyFy Channel, Discovery Channel and brands such as Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros., Bad Robot, McDonald's, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the U.S. Department of Defense, and more. With multiple projects in development, this motivated multi-hyphenate merges his practical knowledge and innate storytelling abilities to create engaging, epic tales as he pushes forward with more producing, writing and directing.

He is legendary for helping to crash various planes into that crazy magic tropical island on 'Lost'.

Akira Yasuda - The Black Sheep of Justice

Born November 2nd, 1985
Japanese Egyptian hybrid "Ejaptian"
Musician, Photographer, Visual Artist, and Cook
The Lost Coast Band Lead Guitarist
Athletic Therapy student at Camosun College

Axe: Custom painted 1968 Gibson Les Paul Studio
First album owned: Simon & Garfunkel: “Greatest Hits”
Favourite food: Spicy food

He is legendary for making sushi while playing epic solos.

Cesar Pinilla - The Latin Sensation

Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Cesar brings the Latin flavour to the group. When he's not laying groovy bass lines for the Lost Coast Band, you can find him either hanging out with his family, making websites, or training for his next race.

Gear: Ibanez SR500 Bass, Ibanez RG560 Electric Guitar, Cort CJ Series Custom Acoustic Guitar, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp, and Line 6 POD 2.0

He is legendary for slappin' tha bass in yo' face while running half-marathons.

Jonathan Wright - Drake

Jon is the 'go-to' guy on set.

He is an actor, production assistant, location scout, prop maker, set builder, voice actor, construction coordinator, etc. If it needs doing, he does it.

Jon has 8 years of improv and voice acting experience. He has served on the executive council member/administrator of a local not for profit LARP and has spent a decade building things, including aircraft. He truly loves creating, be it props or sets, storycraft or acting.

He is legendary for building the ancient walls of Korinth. They were mighty fine walls.

Pete MacDonald - The Jukebox Hero

Pete MacDonald

Pete has been composing, recording, and performing music for over 15 years. He co-produced his first solo album "Phat's Barbershop" in 2007 which gained national airplay and critical acclaim. He has worked with a wide range of acts in a variety of musical styles. He has produced and/or engineered material by artists such as Rock group Young River, Blues artist Garrett Mason, Folk singer Noah Tye, Rock singer Christine Campbell, Hip Hop artist Brizzle, Gospel singer George Diamond, Folk/bluegrass artist Betsy MacDonald, Songwriter Kim Wempe, and many more.

He has worked in professional television, producing several pieces of music for the comedy show "TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens", which airs weekly on TVTropolis. He is currently working with award winning Actor John Dunsworth (Trailer Park Boys) producing a series of John's audio story albums.

Pete has made his living within the music industry for over 10 years, complimenting his studio work by performing live music. He performs regularly with popular east coast act Mac & Hawes, Beatles Tribute band Abbey Road, and in his own self titled original act. He has had the honour of sharing the stage with such acts as The Beach Boys, Foreigner, Honeymoon Suite, Garrett Mason, The Trews, Bruce Guthro, Matt Minglewood, and many more.

He is legendary for pulling triple kick flips.

Ryan LeBlanc - The Sailor

Between running his own business as a Hiking Guide and serving as a Deckhand in the Canadian Coast Guard, Ryan still finds time to devote towards Ragnarock Studios and has been on board since the beginning.

Like any sailor, Ryan is a jack-of-all trades, lending his hands to everything from location scouting and set construction, to behind the scenes filming and social media coordination. An aspiring filmmaker, Ryan creates teaser reels of parks and hiking trails from his own personal footage to help advertise his guiding business.

He is legendary for sporting a moustache so thick, he once used it to keep two orphaned rabbits warm against a fierce December snow storm.Then he took them home, and let them live out their days on his property. When they died at a ripe old rabbit age, he made gloves out of them.

Taylor Mar - The Shaman

Taylor is an off grid forest dweller living in Metchosin B.C. Driven by a passion for the natural world and evolving the human potential of the Mind-Body-Spirit, his energy is focused towards physical training, nutrition, herbalism, health & wellness, rewilding, self-sufficiency, ancestral skills, bushcraft and wilderness survival, expressing creative outlets through writing, music and videos.

He is Legendary for his Shamanistic skills and heroic feats of strength.