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We're a small but mighty media studio based in Metchosin British Columbia, though our reach is much farther.

Our company was founded by passionate storytellers, musicians, inventors, and artists with the desire to create escapism with purpose; stories driven by a moral imperative to craft the important issues of our time into engaging and exciting media products with mass appeal.

We are a factory for the creation and distribution of locally produced entertainment with a positive purpose.

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Sacred Knowledge

Educate. Empower. Inspire!

Join host, Taylor Mar in the pilot episode of our new web-series, 'Sacred Knowledge'. In this episode 'Quest for Fire', Taylor guides viewers along with musicians and special guests Jesse Roper and East Coast Pete through the wilds of beautiful Vancouver Island. Here, the boys will be challenged to create fire using ancient techniques. Will they survive, or suffer a long, frigid night in the woods? Would you be able to make a fire to withstand the cold? Click the image below to watch our first episode.

And for those who would not survive, we've also made some immersive, focused, 360-degree video tutorials, so that you can learn exactly what you need to do to create a friction fire! We'll walk you through the process of building your own bow drill kit and the techniques to using it, step by step.

You can find our 360-degree tutorials at these links:
Part 1: https://youtu.be/s2tEh6YkGdc - Sourcing materials for your Bow Drill Fire Kit
Part 2: https://youtu.be/NalvDMnfr5I - Carving your Bow Drill Fire Kit
Part 3: https://youtu.be/sXD3gtNVlTY - Using your Bow Drill Fire Kit

We designed this series to bring a community of knowledge keepers together to share their valuable information and skill sets. Each episode will be supported by a growing library of 360-degree, immersive tutorials in order to reclaim these vital, lost arts. Be sure to share the series with all your adventuring friends, because you never know when disaster will strike. This the 'Sacred Knowledge' that could save lives!

The Fishin' Musician's Kitchen

Join Rock & Roll host Steve "King" Ling on a musical culinary adventure of epic proportions!

We take guest musicians out on the ocean, teach them how to catch the day’s targeted seafood, show them how to prepare a gourmet meal, and then have a tasty jam session afterward!

With your support, season one will explore the bountiful waters of beautiful Vancouver Island on a musical quest to catch the freshest fishes to make the most delicious gourmet dishes!

Check out our proof-of-concept pilot episode, The Fishin' Musician's Kitchen: ‘WEST COAST THANKSGIVING DINNER’

Elemental Movement

Join our host Alexander Panagopoulos in our upcoming web series being produced locally in our hometown of Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada. We will travel on an epic adventure to seek out movement specialists of all disciplines in hopes of learning and sharing the secrets to healthy vitality through movement and play.

Elemental Movement is a fun, inclusive, and comprehensive physical training web series designed to improve your movement and cultivate your passion while helping you build the tools in your life to sustain it.

We will explore the basic elements of movement, meditation, and martial maintenance, as we adventure around Vancouver Island learning from the timeless secrets shared by masters of many disciplines.

Best Budz

A bumbling band of B.C. bros, battle greedy bankers and the strange unknown, to save their family bud Farm. As legalization ensues, local generational farmers are out of business and the bro’s hatch many a scheme to make some quick cash, eventually creating a crowdsourcing campaign in a last ditch effort to raise the cash.

As fate would have it, the campaign goes viral and the bros find themselves the unlikely faces of a global grassroots movement. As the powers that be align to thwart the movement and crush the bros, all hell breaks loose, and an unexpected turn of events proves that only in unity, can there truly be victory.

It’s West Coast Trailer Park Boys meets Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Most Excellent!

The Acrotheos

The Acrotheos (10x60 Series)

When the evil kingpin Archaleus takes Kallisto's soul hostage, her lover Praxiteles and a small entourage must leave the Ancient Greek city state of Korinthos on a quest for an artifact known as the Acrotheos. This powerful relic, forged in the age of the Titans, has the power to change the balance of this realm and the next. For that reason, the gods chose to separate and entrust the elements of the Acrotheos to three immortal Guardians. Our Heroes will be tested at every turn, by allies and enemies alike, forcing them to weigh the soul of one person against the fate of the world.

'The Acrotheos' is a tale of love, adventure, tragedy and triumph set in a fictionalized, fantasy infused 350BC Ancient Greece. Drawing on various cultural mythologies from around the globe, it is 'Aladdin meets epic fantasy-styled visuals, with a touch of Indiana Jones/Firefly adventure and humour'.

'The Acrotheos' is the first in a series of 10-episode television event projects, collectively known as 'The Forever Legends'. Learn More.

The Acres

After surviving the horrors of war, 4 combat veteran friends take a simple bear scare job providing security for a team of environmental scientists, working for a mining company.

Their mission: travel into the remote wilderness and investigate the source of contamination that is poisoning the water in a nearby, rural town. What should have been an easy job descends into madness as the very sanity of the 4 brothers in arms is tested while they are attacked by a well-armed group of relentless, deranged and disenfranchised outliers.

In the end, the line between man and monster is blurred and the road to hell leads straight through 'The Acres'.

Tomorrow's War

Tomorrow's War (Feature)

In the tradition of Rambo: First Blood, The Hunted, and Predator, Tomorrow's War explores the relationship between skilled Hunters and their Prey. Set roughly ten years from now in the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest, we follow a corporate tactical team as they are tasked with the capture or elimination of a man known only as 'The Contractor'. This tactical team will utilize all of the advanced equipment at their disposal to run down their Prey, leaving him with nothing but his wits and survival skills to fend off their assault. As the hunt progresses, the truth claws its way to the surface, and unveils the incestuous relationship between the military industrial complex and the government which it controls.

This story serves as an exploration of the justification of violence and the realization that the power to be both hero and villain is encapsulated within all of us.


Ragnarock Studios provides various production services for our clients, including creative and technical consultation through execution of traditional or 360 degree/VR projects. We are open to co-productions and collaboration. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how we can help you.


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